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About Us


Serving Boulder, Colorado Since 2015

First, a bit about Ramen's History: In 1958, instant ramen noodles were invented in Japan, and were first given a name of Chinese origin - “Ramen.” This primarily refers to "noodles in a soup broth." Due to the ease of preparation and rich flavor of the noodle soup, consumption of ramen quickly expanded and is now enjoyed worldwide.

Fast forward to today: Ramen is loved by foodies everywhere who join together and celebrate its deep-rooted cultural significance, which adds to its delicious taste as a fulfilling meal.

From Our Bowl to Yours

At MY Ramen & Izakaya, the relationship between broth and noodles is serious and delicious business. At our local restaurant, you too can experience ramen the way it was always meant to be, a rich broth in perfect balance with handmade noodles.


We encourage you to take your bowl to the next level with a wide array of authentic toppings from tender slices of pork chashu to perfectly cooked poached eggs. Then elevate your experience further by pairing it with our Izakaya small plates or a craft beer and house sake.


We’re crazy about Japanese fusion cuisine and pay meticulous attention to everything that goes into every one of our dishes. That being said, we use only fresh ingredients to prepare our menu items that are sure to satisfy all of your tastebuds. We work really hard to ensure that each of our dishes is tasty, full-flavored, and unforgettable, so we're confident that you will enjoy our dishes too.


Hungry Yet? We've got you.